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API - Application Programming Interface

Data exchange between e-conomic and your company's other IT systems

If you are looking for a user-friendly and efficient way of exchanging data between e-conomic and your company's other IT systems, the API module is the solution.

With e-conomic's API it's possible, for instance, to integrate other databases with e-conomic allowing the various databases to exchange information and service each other.

In other words, you can integrate your web shop, cash register, CRM system or any other system with e-conomic, and in this way enable the systems to exchange data about customers, correspondence, products, prices, stock and various other information.

API - user-friendly and efficient way of exchanging data between e-conomic and your company's other IT systems

Control of your company - quite automatically

For any IT system you choose to integrate with e-conomic, you do not need to enter the same data about, for instance, customers, products and prices more than once.

Entering and updating of data can be automated and synchronised via the API.

This means a lower risk of errors, less administration and a better overview of your operations.

Unlimited integration via web services

e-conomic's API is based on web services complying with internationally recognised standards.

This means that we have made it easier for the developers when a company's system is to be integrated with e-conomic and it ensures that e-conomic can be integrated with any system regardless of programming language, platform or physical location.

The only requirement is that your system can send and receive data in XML format via the Internet.

Benefits for your companyBenefits for the developer
  • Integration enables global views and connection between systems, data and processes
  • Automation minimises time consuming routines and reduces the cost of manual work
  • Less administration releases resources for sales and customer service
  • Access to functionality via web services (XML and SOAP)
  • Encrypted communication through HTTPS
  • Access from programming languages such as C#, Java and PHP
  • Specific object-oriented environment for .NET developers

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