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e-conomic Market – the largest marketplace for B2B software

e-conomic has launched a new app universe that makes it even easier for our customers to find and use extensions to e-conomic. Being a part of e-conomic Market means exposure for +100,000 customers at the right place and at the right time. 

Are you ready for e-conomic Market?

Many of the best and most innovative apps are already a part of e-conomic Market. Is your app innovative and user-friendly? Is your onboarding quick and easy? Then our app-store e-conomic Market is the place to be. 

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Integration to e-conomic's API

If you do not wish to become a part of e-conomic Market or you do not have the resources to fulfil the requirements, then you have the opportunity to integrate to e-conomic's API.

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