Demo authentication

If you wish to try out the API before registering a developer agreement, you can do this using our REST demo. There are two ways of doing that.

Via headers 
The second way is one that allows for an easy "hello world" application. You need to follow the normal authentication flow, but replace the connection tokens with the word "demo". That way you can create an application and connect just as you would if you had a real integration, but without the need to register.

Setting authentication HTTP headers on REST requests in JS

In all requests, send both an 'X-AppSecretToken' and an 'X-AgreementGrantToken' header with the tokens as values.

Via a query string (Please note: Query string method is available for demo only!)
Just append the query string ?demo=true to your request URL. You only need to do this on the first request, then all links in the API will have that query string appended. All 401 Not Authorized responses also include a demo link to that exact resource. This allows for easy browsing of the API when discovering what is available.

Note that when using the demo integration, you can only use the GET http method.

Obtaining your own Agreement Grant Token and App Secret Token

To obtain your own tokens for testing the API fully, please follow our getting started guide for authenticating with our APIs:
Complete guide to token generation and authentication in 4 easy steps.

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