Choosing your API

REST or OpenAPI?

At e-conomic we currently offer two RESTful APIs, REST and OpenAPI.

REST is the go-to for most functionality, it has been running stable for several years and is used in production by the majority of our app partners. 

OpenAPI is our newest addition to the e-conomic API’s, it is, as the name indicates, based on the OpenAPI specification and thus acknowledged business standards, making it easy to adopt and consume.

For now the amount of functionality on OpenAPI is limited, but this is where we’ll build the functionality of the future.

The REST api is our old and stable RESTful API - here you will find most functionality. It is in a feature freeze state, and will stay this way for the foreseeable future while we work on providing more functionality on the OpenAPI.

Both API’s are using the same authentication, and they are both RESTful and it should be easy to build an integration that uses both in parallel.

As an ‘honorable mention’ we also have our SOAP API which we have now started the process of deprecating. There’s still a limited amount of functionality which is currently only available here, but we are working hard to create similar functionality on our OpenAPI so we will be able to shut down the SOAP API, end of year 2023.


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