Client libraries

e-conomic strives for the best possible experience when it comes to the APIs and their implementation. To make coding against APIs easier, client libraries can be used. They heavily reduce the amount of time needed to create basic scaffolding around the API, in order to get you started.


What is client library?

Client libraries are sometimes called helper libraries. It is a library containing a language-dependent wrapper for the API and its endpoints, which allows developers to easily add it to their project and start working with them in a matter of seconds, without worrying about basic setup. Client libraries can handle authentication, endpoint interactions and much more.


Our approach to client libraries

e-conomic does not provide any client libraries on our own. We rely on open source projects that we are more than happy to promote. These projects are crafted and maintained by our partners and cover multiple languages, which makes them compatible with many different environments.


Help others

If you have created a library that covers our API, feel free to reach out to our support at We will be more than happy to add your library to the list. Also, you should not hesitate to help develop already existing libraries by contributing to them directly.


Client libraries currently available

NameAPI TypeLanguageAuthorLink
 python-economic-rest REST Python Kristian Øllegaard


e-conomic does not take any responsibility for 3rd party libraries, as they are listed as open-source projects - public contribution towards making them up-to-date is solely a responsibility of the author and community.


Need help?

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