Stable products functionality in REST + Help us improve!

November 3, 2016

Dear e-conomic API developer,

In this edition of the e-conomic developer newsletter you can learn about the /products endpoint in REST that is now production-ready. Also, we would like to ask you to help us improve the developer resources we provide for you. Complete this short survey so we know what areas to improve, or read more further down.

The /products endpoint is now stable

We're happy to announce that the /products endpoint in REST has moved from experimental to stable. This means that /products is now ready for production purposes. We might add more properties to this endpoint along the way, but the basic signature will not change.

Besides making it stable, we've actually added new functionality to the /products endpoint, including a new pricing property.

You can visit our TechTalk blog to find out more about the stable products functionality.

Coming up next in REST: We will soon start working on the new /accounting endpoint. Stay tuned for more details to come.

Old /invoices endpoints deleted on January 1st 

As part of the migration path we've created for switching to our stable /invoices endpoint, we've now moved to stage 2 - see the outline above. In this stage, you need to change your code to use the new /invoices endpoint instead of the /invoices-experimental and /invoices-deprecated endpoints.

On January 1st (or thereabout) we'll delete the /invoices-experimental and /invoices-deprecated endpoints, leaving only the new /invoices endpoint available. So please make sure you have migrated at this point to prevent your app from breaking.

Learn more about the /invoices endpoint and how you ensure a smooth migration

Teaming up with our partners

On October 13th, we met up with 150 e-conomic partners and resellers at Hindsgavl Slot to share details on what we've done in 2016 as well as talk about the future for the e-conomic platform.

We also looked into our product vision and strategy for the next year where a lot of focus will be placed on increased partner collaboration, extensibility and automation. This will be the next step towards expanding our large integrations portfolio and great eco-system even further.

Apps and integrations of course play an essential role in this. Interesting fact: 80% of the overall e-conomic traffic is coming from our APIs!

The partner day was a great success and really brought home the importance and value for us in meeting up with our partners. We hope to tie closer bonds with more partners in this way in the future - it's a great opportunity for talking, growing and collaborating.

Help us improve your developer experience

We're continually working on improving our developer resources - documentation, blog, forum, etc. - so developers can get the most out of our APIs and find the information they need for their apps.

Currently, we're looking to do an in-depth review and overhaul of our developer resources. Before we start this, we would like to ask your help by letting us know which areas you would like us to improve.

To help us, simply complete this short survey which will help us a lot in our upcoming work.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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