Reminder: Breaking changes to the /invoices endpoint on September 1st

August 19, 2016

Dear e-conomic API developer,

In our last newsletter, we outlined our plans for migrating to the new stable /invoices endpoint. We're now approaching the end of stage 1. This means that if you're still using the currently deprecated /invoices logic you need to replace "/invoices" with "/invoices-deprecated" in your apps before September 1st.

After September 1st, the functionality of the /invoices endpoint will be the same as on /invoices-experimental. So if you're still using the /invoices endpoint by this date, your app will break.

By contrast, the aliased /invoices-deprecated endpoint exposes the functionality previously inherent in the /invoices endpoint and ensures that your app won't break when we change the /invoices endpoint.

Get the full details on the migration to the new /invoices endpoint

Smoother user flow with Grant Access page

We have updated the Grant Access page to provide a more seamless experience for e-conomic users.

Provided they are already logged in to e-conomic when opening the Grant Access page, your users can now simply click the Add app button straight away without having to enter their e-conomic credentials on the page. If they wish, they can also log in as a different user via the "Change user" link.

If your users are not logged in, they are first redirected to the e-conomic login page and then taken back to the Grant Access page. But again, without having to enter their e-conomic credentials on the Grant Access page itself.

Note: If you've made use of the single page functionality of the old Grant Access page to integrate it in your user flows, you need to verify that your flows still work. The recommended approach for retrieving Agreement Grant Tokens without extra user interaction is to use a redirect URL.

See the updated documentation on our developer site

Best regards,

Your e-conomic API team