Guidelines and terms of use for app partners


Fair use policy

In order to maintain optimal performance of our API and ensure that all partners and customers have a good experience we urge all developers to consider and optimize their calls and flows. Fair use is defined as 50.000 API calls per 24 hour period per agreement.

If an App creates an excessive load on the API, e-conomic is at liberty, without warning, to restrict the integration's access to our APIs, or the affected agreements access to the APIs. e-conomic will offer help and guide on how to optimise the technical implementation.


Test of the App

In order to become an e-conomic app partner we need to test your App before we published the app. This process is put in place in order for us to ensure that our users are offered quality apps only.



We require all app integrations to use our token-based authentication. Also, we require all apps to be compliant with our fair use policy.


Before an App can come on our webpage we need to test it.
This can be done online via a number of tools, but we prefer Skype where you share your desktop and you guide us through.

Please coordinate a test date with




How we test

We expect you to give a prepared presentation of the integration. Every App is different and so each test and session is unique but we have some generic points we would like to go over.

Introduction to your company.
Introduction to your product.
Main features and use thereof.
Introduction to the business model.
Onboarding flow - Grab a demo here to demonstrate:
- How does an e-conomic customer hook up with your solution
- Is it a smooth flow, token based and use return url:
- How does an e-conomic customer use your solution
- Is it easy and add value. How does data flow back and forth and is it correct.
- See data imported/exported in your app
- See data imported/exported in e-conomic
- Perform load test

Getting the App published


  • Fill out the App form. You get that from the Apps team -
  • Logo 400x400 preferably in .eps format or else PNG - This is what will be used on the webpage as App Logo.
  • Landingpage - The page we link to from our site. This page must be e-conomic themed. Example:
  • Images showing your app. It can be screenshots, illustrations or some such. They will be used on the App page on our website.
  • Available e-mail support. We are very keen on our shared customers getting good support.


  • A video presentation of how your solution works with e-conomic.
  • Avaliable phone support.

This process typically takes one to two weeks depending on the material in the App form as well as any corrections.

  • App form is filled out and is, along with images, sent to
  • e-conomic Web Team create an App page after the App Team have approved the App.
  • Draft App page link is sent to partner and App Team for approval.
  • App page is approved by Partner and App Team.
  • App goes online.

Need help?

We are ready to help you with your API questions at
And if you have questions regarding apps, don't hesitate to contact