Frequently asked question regarding the deprecation of SOAP API

Q: What is being deprecated?

A: We will gradually be deprecating (closing down) our SOAP API over the course of 2023.
Please check our status page to see which SOAP methods we are sunsetting and which ones have already been deprecated (closed down).


Q: What happens with the SOAP methods that provide functionality which is not available on the other API’s?

A: Parallel to the deprecation, we will be working on exposing even more functionality on our OpenAPI. We will not deprecate (close down) any relevant SOAP methods that does not already have similar functionality exposed in our other API’s.


Q: How will it affect our integration?

A: Your integration will only be affected if you are using our SOAP API.
If you are using any of the endpoints we are sunsetting, you will need to start using our other API’s for those specific requests before they are deprecated (closed down) in order to avoid any disruption of service on your integration. From the announcement until the actual deprecation of SOAP functionality, you will have at least 90 days to ensure that the necessary changes are made.