New REST functionality + App Identifier now enforced

April 29, 2016

Dear e-conomic API developer,

Welcome to the latest edition of the e-conomic developer newsletter, featuring new invoice functionality and endpoints in REST, latest updates on the App Identifier, info on the redesigned Developer site, and finally a useful guide for creating your own web service library.

New REST functionality

New invoice functionality in REST

We have extended the /invoices-experimental endpoint with a lot of exciting new functionality. It is now possible to book an invoice through /invoices-experimental. To make this easier we have introduced template functionality to help you generate a draft invoice and book it.

Through templates we supply the data that is necessary to accomplish a task. That way you don’t have to spend a lot of time setting properties, you only have to set the properties you want changed from our templates. With our templates, you can:

  • Create a draft invoice
  • Add lines to the draft invoice
  • Book the draft invoice

To facilitate booking of invoices we have added a number of new endpoints. You can get a quick overview of all the new endpoints in our TechTalk blog post along with a short description of what they do. For further details, visit our REST Docs.

Learn more about the new functionality in /invoices-experimental

App Identifier now enforced

We have now started to enforce the X-EconomicAppIdentifier HTTP header, as announced in previous newsletters. This means that we now reject SOAP API requests that don't include a valid App Identifier header (only applies to SOAP Connect and ConnectAsAdministrator methods).

We would like to thank our partners for complying and implementing the header! With the App Identifier, we can uniquely identify you and your app so we can contact you in case we encounter problems or have important information for you.

Since we started to enforce the header, we have identified and been in contact with a number of remaining partners who have not yet specified the X-EconomicAppIdentifier HTTP header. Some of these partners have been granted a temporary "whitelisting" so that their API requests are accepted even though they don't include the header.

We have now begun removing this whitelisting again, meaning that all partners using Connect and ConnectAsAdministrator should immediately ensure that they add the header to prevent their requests from being rejected.

Read more about App Identifiers and how to add them

Redesigned Developer site

Redesigned Developer site

Have you checked out our new and improved Developer site? We have redesigned the site and restructured and added content so it should be easier for you to find what you need.

The site now includes the following sections:

  • Documentation. Your one-stop page for all REST and SOAP documentation resources.
  • Community. Provides access to all our interaction channels - Twitter, blog, forum, etc.
  • App Partner. Find all the information you need to get your app published on our website.

Check out the new Developer website

Create an API Web Service Library

Working with the SOAP API from within a Visual Studio solution can at times be a waiting game when Visual Studio decides to update the web service reference. The reason for this is the size of the WSDL file. Visual Studio first has to download the WSDL file and then parse the XML.

By creating a service reference library you can remove these annoying service refreshes. We have created a guide that explains how to create such a service.

Learn how to create a web service library

Best regards,
Your e-conomic API team