Getting your app published

Once your app meets our requirements, you're ready to have it tested and finally published in the Apps section on our website.


We need to test your app before we publish it. This process is put in place so we can ensure that our users are offered quality apps only. Testing can be done online via a number of tools, e.g., JoinMe and TeamViewer, but we prefer Skype where you share your desktop and guide us through your app.

During testing, we expect you to give a prepared presentation of your app. Every app is different and so each test and session is unique but we have some general items we would like you to include:

  • Introduction to your company
  • Introduction to your product
  • Main features and their use
  • Introduction to your business model
  • Onboarding flow - Use a demo to demonstrate:
    • How does an e-conomic customer hook up with your app?
    • Is it a smooth flow that includes tokens and a redirectUrl? (See more in our Connection guide)
    • How does an e-conomic customer use your app?
    • Is the easy to use and does it add value?
  • Data flow between e-conomic and your app:
    • How is data imported/exported in your app, and it is done correctly?
    • How is data imported/exported in e-conomic, and it is done correctly?

In terms of finding a date for the test, please coordinate with

Submitting for publishing

After successful testing you can submit your app for publishing: 

Submit your app (in danish)

Need help?

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