App Partner FAQ

What is an app?

In e-conomic an app is a program or a connection that allows exchange of data between e-conomic and another program, e.g. a webshop. The connection automates many of the administrative tasks between the two systems so customers can spend less time on manual tasks in their company.

With an app, you can exchange data between the two systems, allowing you to either extract information from e-conomic (e.g. customer master data) or transfer information to e-conomic (e.g. product data) – or both.

How do I get started creating apps?

If you have an idea for an app, the first step is to contact our App Team via They can give you immediate feedback on your idea and help you get started on developing your app.

If you don't wish to involve us in the development of your app right away, you may start by signing up for a developer agreement and having a look at our Documentation resources which include all the information you need to get started.

How does my app become a Selected App ("Udvalgt app")?

We sometimes select apps as "Udvalgte" and display them at the top of the Apps section on our website. An app can become "Udvalgt" for various reasons, including:

  • We are running campaigns with the partner towards a specific customer group

  • The app is groundbreaking, well done and modern-looking.

  • The app provides value to a large portion of the customers.

  • The partner is referring customers to e-conomic.

  • The partner has put an effort into an update of the app.

You are always welcome to ask via if your app can become "Udvalgt" for a period of time, but we reserve the right to say no.

How does my app become a Recommended App ("Anbefalet app")?

An app can become "Anbefalet" for much the same reasons as the "Udvalgts" apps, but it is for a longer period of time, though with less prominent exposure.

You are always welcome to ask via if your app can become "Anbefalet", but we reserve the right to say no.

How long does it take to get an app published?

This very much depends on the material we get from the partner, the number of corrections needed and the preparation level of the test.

There are two main periods that take up the publishing process: Testing and onlining. Depending on availability it takes roughly one to two weeks to schedule a test meeting. For the onlining of your app page, we reserve the right to request a two weeks notice in order for our marketing team to set up the page. This also very much depends on the material we get from the partner and the number of corrections required.

So the publishing process can take anything from a few days to almost a month.

What does it cost to create and publish an app?

Nothing (smile). It is free for all to use the API.

How do I get a test agreement?

Sign up for a Danish demo. If you need it extended, then mail with the agreement number, your company name and the name of your app.

Can you develop an app for me?

Nope. If you need help developing an app you can try contacing one of our development partners.

Can you reject my app or remove it from the Apps section without my consent?

Yes. We reserve the right to reject an app at any time and without warning to remove an app from the Apps section on our website.

Need help?

We are ready to help you with your API questions at
And if you have questions regarding apps, don't hesitate to contact